Winter cycling in San Diego

Late lunch today (4 p.m.) after progress on two major marcom projects from home office. Took gloves, wind vest and arm-warmers. Quick 25-miler out to Highway 67 and back. It’s a time trialing training route that works in a pinch. Got a few test shots on BlackBerry Pearl (so compact!). Slight color corrections because of light conditions. When the days get longer and there’s more time, I’ll bring the new Canon S5 IS with me.


Doing 39 mph on downhill into pretty strong onshore wind. One-handed quick snap.


Sunset sky before descent from Highway 67 and Scripps Poway Parkway back into Poway.


4 thoughts on “Winter cycling in San Diego

  1. I was just in San Diego (from Utah) with my bike over the weekend.

    I was staying in Pacific Beach and found the climb up Mt.Soledad Road a fun little climb, the descent down the backside was a little nervewracking, though, but the cruise around LaJolla made up for it.

    If I’m ever forced to move, I’m hoping San Diego is the landing point.

  2. je,

    You picked a great place to climb. Not a long one but the views from Mt. Soledad are super on a clear day. That descent is narrow and can catch you unaware.

    Next time you’re in town, say hello. This is a friendly cycling community.

    I’ll be using this weblog to post some on my favorite rides and include photos from around San Diego County. The coast. The foothills. The mountains (at least we call them that here).

    Palomar Mountain’s South Grade Road has been a favorite training spot of pros when they come through the area.

    Julian is another beautiful place to find nice pavement and elevation. Team Slipstream had their winter training camp there in 2007.

    Lots of places to log miles here.

    Any tips on great rides in Utah?


  3. The best winter rides in Utah are in California. đŸ˜‰

    But in spring, summer and fall there are unlimited riding options. For a nice ride out of Salt Lake City itself, I’m a big fan of Emigration Canyon up to the Little Mountain summit or continuing on to the Big Mountain summit. Little Mountain makes Soledad look like just a bump in the road and Big Mountain takes you up another 1,000 feet. It’s about a 40 mile round trip.

    If that’s too far, but you still want some climbing try City Creek Canyon. It starts right downtown and is closed to vehicle traffic most of the time. A tight, narrow 6-7 mile road with about 2,000 feet of climbing from the city center.

  4. je,

    Thanks for the tips. These all sound great. I especially like the sound of Big Mountain Summit and Little Mountain summit. I need to check maps and try to work some Utah into the summer rotation.


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