Winter riding in San Diego: Feb 23

Got in 65 base miles. All small ring, easy tempo. About 50 people passed me on the 101 between Torrey and Carlsbad. But I kept to plan. Build slow-twitch fiber and burn some K-Cals. It will pay off in June when I’m into the 11th hour of Kaiser. Maybe I’ll get lucky and finish under 11 hours. Yeah, right! It’s so tempting to dismount and take a long lunch at Huntington Lake and the summit. Met some great folks on the coast today — Ed from Long Island, NY who is a Mets and cycling fan; a nice couple who just moved here from Atlanta and wondered about all the rain we’ve had this winter; a Livestrong-bracelet wearing businessman from New Hampshire who was happy to be out of the snow. I need to ask permission to photograph these people. Very kind and gracious. Motorists, too. No horns. No close calls. Pleasant. And 8 tandems out there! Great to see. I think everyone is eager to get fresh air. No 10-foot waves to photograph. Just two shots of the big swimming hole we call the Pacific Ocean, a little bike lane humor and a dry pavement peek.


Highway 56 bike path under 20 mph.


The Pacific from the bluffs of south Del Mar on the downhill stretch to Torrey Pines State Beach.


Great property on bluff in south Del Mar. Look at that view!


Where to ride? No confusion with this neighborhood association where bike lane cuts a public easement.


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