Summer makes an appearance…

76 warm degrees today. Got about 85-90. But required several bottles. The sun did its thing. Here’s the loop: RB warmup to Highland Valley Road (three-piece climb) into Ramona. 67 to Scripps Poway Parkway, all the way down to PQ. Çlimb Black Mountain Road north to 56 bike path. Straight to Del Mar, right turn to Solana Beach. Lomas Santa Fe climb and wind through the Ranch. Climb Del Dios to Via Rancho Parkway for small climb then descend to I-15 southbound. Ride the freeway (legal), exit Pomerado north to Ted Williams. Last small climb to house. Pics of wildfire area near Lake Hodges. Tandems: 0 (surprised). Honking horns: 0. Red lights run: 2 (right turns by pre-occupied drivers).


Hiking bridge just south of Del Dios Highway near the dam. Hill still blackened.


Lake Hodges dam looking east. Note hillsides. Wildfires in October burned to water’s edge.


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