Promising info…

My trip to Ramona (by car) this afternoon was worth it. Here’s what I learned:

  • A customer in Daniel’s Market West told a clerk Wednesday night she “saw what happened” and wanted to know where to make a report.
  • A surveillance camera at the market points directly at southbound Highway 67 traffic. It’s digital video.
  • The team at Ramona Fire Station 80 is great. I’m going to buy them dinner next Wednesday. Captain Jeff Lowe was very gracious in allowing me to leave a thank you card for the paramedics who treated me at the crash site.
  • People who live in Ramona are community-minded. It’s a close-knit place where people care.

I’ve trained all over San Diego County, and Ramona has always been part of great rides up into Julian, Cuyamaca, or Mt. Laguna. People have offered to keep an eye out. I’m grateful to them.

The local ABC news affiliate aired the full story tonight. A personal thanks to reporter Michael Chen for spending the time with me to retrace the scene, hear my story and help circulate the call for witnesses.


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