Link to ABC Local Affiliate Story…

This piece aired Saturday night. Hard to see some of the damage hiding under beard. I did not have clearance to shave when the news story was shot. I’m still leery of running a fresh blade over healed wounds. This picture shows how things looked immediately following surgery.  Click to enlarge.



2 thoughts on “Link to ABC Local Affiliate Story…

  1. I am just curious if you were able to see anything from the video, or if any witnesses came forth. I’d like to think that someone would claim responsibility, but that is probably hoping for too much. Good luck, hope you’re healing well.

  2. Hello Ron,

    Nothing on video to show actual incident. The crash was around a slight bend and out of the camera’s view.

    I heard from California Highway Patrol today. They received a call, and have a woman’s name and number. They’re trying to make return contact. I am hopeful that we’ll learn what happened. Got to keep the faith!

    The healing is coming along. Upper lip, teeth and gums still hurt a bunch. Those will take awhile. I consider myself blessed.

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