The first HDR pioneer: Ansel Adams…

Ansel Adams had us all beat on making photographs of objects appear better than they do in real life. A beautiful piece with multimedia gallery in today’s NYT on him. Especially love the image of him shooting from the roof his station wagon.


7 thoughts on “The first HDR pioneer: Ansel Adams…

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  3. This isn’t Adams work.
    It isn’t even a photograph for that matter.

    This caught my eye as, throughout my studies, I’ve never come across anyone pulling off HDR on film, even Ansel Adams.
    HDR is a digital process requiring pixel blending modes and tonal identfication.

    Then, looking closer, I noticed it’s even more suspiciously fake.
    I’ve done the odd bit of work in the 3D CGI sector and this is clearly done in a CGI program.
    Probably Vue D’Esprit or Terragen judging by the composition of the ground.

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