This has been going on forever…

Motorists and bicyclists in feuds? It’s been going on forever. Not just since gas blew past $4 a gallon and U.S. folks starting thinking maybe their mode of big-car/SUV transportation may be a bad idea.

The only way for bicyclists to stay out of harm’s way? Expect that no driver can see you. Never forget you’ll lose in any contest versus a 3,000-pound machine with air bags and air conditioning. Follow the rules of the road, including traffic signals, cellphones (California) and lane changes. You’ll increase the odds of survival.

It’s can’t be quite the war zone as depicted in the NY Times article. Extreme ends of the spectrum, perhaps? Unless a motorist intentionally tries to run a bicyclist down (or is drunk), it’s got to be an accident.

P.S. Don’t wear flip flops on a bike and expect to pedal with much control. Do you drive your car with bare feet dripping in olive oil? That’s about the equivalent.


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