Cherish every breath…

I read this article in the Contra Costa Times with sadness. It reminded me how lucky I was in late March

I started increasing mileage in late spring and noticed many more bicycles on San Diego roads as professionals commuted on two wheels when gasoline spiked over $4.

Now not so many. Yes, it’s a bit colder. But this is Southern California, not Chicago.

I hope we don’t forget bicycles as a viable and healthy mode of transportation. The more bicycles on the road, the better the odds of cyclists being seen by motorists and respected.

Surviving an encounter with a motor vehicle is a blessing compared to involuntarily giving your family and friends a reason to install a roadside Ghost Bike memorial. My heart aches for anyone who has had to grieve over a loss this way.

A few hundred micro stitches and five shiny new fake teeth later, I’ve put my one and only crash behind me. I trust it’s the last. Be safe out there, and ride with a buddy when possible.


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