‘”Merry Mint” from Del Mar…

Christmas Eve rides are always memorable.

Feels like Saturday or Sunday without the tourists or Harleys. The weather held nicely this morning for a very casual small-ring spin. A green blob on radar hovered north of San Diego everytime I checked the Weather Channel iPhone button. But it never blew in and wrecked the ride.

The surf?

I felt bad for fathers and sons paddling out for the 1-foot sets at low tide. They looked damn happy, though.

I think we all were. 70 easy ones for me to the sounds of Sinatra, Nat King Cole — and, Gavin Rossdale. A non-sequitur, I know. But need to pace myself for tonight when the house is full and we all gather round. 

Today’s picture? A nice wreath outside the Americana Cafe in Del Mar. I’ve ridden by this joint a million times. Never have stopped in for a bite. Need to. Banners put up by city along the main drag proclaim “Merry Mint,” among other generic plays on holiday political correctness.

In my home, we say Merry Christmas.

Hope in your home, you say what brings you close — and that you’re warm, happy and sharing good times with the ones you love the most.

Peace on Earth. Goodwill to Allkind.  



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