Tank Crossing…

On the way to San Clemente for a flat out-and-back 100, I noticed this road sign: Tank Crossing

Of course, when you’re on Camp Pendleton, one of the largest U.S. military bases, there’s bound to be such a sighting or two, or three. Right after 9/11, the base was clamped down under ultra tight security. Civilian bicylists were not allowed through for several years. Thankfully, we’re able to zip along now.

Today’s ride: flat. Half of it into a nice northwest wind. At the halfway point, I chatted with a few kids on BMX bikes. One was drinking, get this, Playboy Energy Drink. The other, a large Red Bull. None were over 14. X Games influence, for sure. 

Other data: only 2,700 feet of elevation gain. Average speed almost 18 mph solo, though. And the muddy water on Pendleton right under Interstate 5 was nasty. It was the clay-like kind that stains and clings to things. Took awhile to wash off the Moots. Ditto for bibs, vest, socks, shoes. . .  heck, everything except helmet.

Think Arenberg Forest of Paris-Roubaix — without the cobbles. And the Spartan showers in Roubaix velodrome.

Hope I don’t have to contend with one of these in spring or summer. 



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