The sound of passion…

I’ve always hated taping voice mail greetings. Just plain don’t like it. Despise it. 


Hearing the sound of my voice. I’m never comfortable when faced with it. I suppose that’s why I went into print journalism out of college and not into television or radio. The keyboard has never once recorded my voice, its inflection, or any cracking. It just takes down what my fingertips say. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Recent videos I shot for the Tour of California were exhilirating for me. If I came off a bit crazed, well, to that I plead guilty. Being atop a mountain to which pro bike racers compared to July in France is a reason for any cycling fan to ignite a fire within — and be passionate.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Find something you truly love and cherish it? You know, your spouse? Your children? Friends? Your camera? Your keyboard? Books? Surfboard? Car? Garden?

What’s your passion?

For one week in February, mine surely was a race called Amgen Tour of California.

I hope you are finding and celebrating yours.


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