Mulholland Century…

Easter is April 12.

The Mulholland Century (and Double for you mileage maniacs) is April 11.

Family is heading to Idyllwild and Palm Springs for an Italian throw-down of epic proportions. New York-style. A can’t miss.

So the question haunting me this morning: Should I blaze a trail to L.A. early under the cover of darkness, log 100 hilly ones for sport, then rest my legs inland? I didn’t have this ride on the calendar, but I’m wholly intrigued with something new, a la Solvang. There’s something great about change that invigorates training.

If you have an opinion on the Mullholland Century and can share, please post a comment here or send email to marketing.bean(at)

The kind people at Planet Ultra say the ride is quite scenic. I’m so very tempted to include it in the build-up to Climb to Kaiser.

There’s a first time for everything.


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