Shorts or Saddle…

To be a strong rider, you need saddle time.

To get saddle time, you need to be comfortable.

To get comfortable, you need the right shorts (bibs).

To find the right saddle and shorts (bibs), you need to experiment.

Or be lucky. 

When I resumed my riding in 2003 after a long layoff, I chose a Fizik Arione saddle. It was the right choice.

I paired Fizik with Pearl Izumi bibs in the Microsensor flavor. Again, luck trumped science.

Only in the last year, I began to mix in a few other bibs varieties, like Nike, Voler, and now a high-end Assos.

But just a handful. As the trusty Pearl Izumis go threadbare, I tell myself I’m not being unfaitful to the brand. 

Truth be told? I think my secret to comfort is chamois creme. No kidding. Anti-bacterial. Cooling. A damn jar, for crying out loud. How important could it be?

Very important. 

After 100 miles, saddles never feel the same as they did at mile 10. Bibs, meanwhile, have done all they can. At this point, your choice of chamois creme may be the most important decision you’ve made.

I’m serious.


6 thoughts on “Shorts or Saddle…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As someone who is still recovering from 200 grueling miles in the saddle, I long for the ability to be comfortable sitting again.

  2. Okay, don’t laugh or throw this advice out entirely just b/c you are male – but try Vagisil Feminine Powder. Put that in a baggy and carry with you. It has no talc in it (not that I think that matters for a man) and it’s better than chamois creme, especially at times when you don’t catch the chafe soon enough! I got a male rider to try it once and it’s all he ever uses now…but he made me promise I’d never tell anyone that he does.

  3. MERider, You learn something new everyday. I haven’t yet purchased the recommended product, but I have the info on hand, should my current brand (Friction Fighter) fail. Be safe, and ride on!

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