Flatting right at twilight before damp offshore clouds roll in is never good for you. One minute, you’re warm, working and mobile, the next you’re wet, chilly and stuck.

Rather than change the tube and pedal home among headlights and high risks, I called home for a ride. Just 15 minutes of waiting can do you in.

Four hearty sneezes this morning are a clear message: be careful and stay healthy.

And for goodness sakes, try to flat under a warm midday sun.

Damn construction staples. Impossible to see. Always trouble.


2 thoughts on “Achoo..!

  1. Yuck. I flatted just three miles from the finish line on the Grand Tour Double in 2006. I tried fixing it myself in the parking lot of the Fire Station on PCH. I was shivering, devastatingly tired and my back hurt. I couldn’t see well in the dark so I called Kermit. He drove out, pumped my tired up and offered to give me a ride to just before the finish line (“shhh…I won’t tell”) I refused the ride, but told him that I wished I had a cold beer waiting for me. I then rode the last three miles miserable and wishing I’d had taken him up on his offer. Kermit went to the store and bought me a cold beer and had it in a giant envelope for when I pulled into the Malibu Civic Center parking lot. I caught a cold the following week!
    Sorry to digress, but your experience reminded me of mine!

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