BikeDesire or BikeCrave . . .

I have a dream. It gets better when I’m awake.

With your help, I hope to build a community Web site/blog that blends the best of all things cycling–and the people who love the lifestyle. Newbies. Club riders. Cruisers. Ultras. Racers. Tourers. Roleurs. I’ve met you on the road (and dirt) and Internet. I think we all share something.

I have narrowed the site down to two names: BikeDesire or BikeCrave 

There’s equal parts black art and metrics-driven rationale to starting a brand. Focus groups tell you a lot, but ultimately people shape community sites and why others decide to visit. Good ideas spread. 

A brand is just one piece. It’s goes beyond logo, typeface or color palette. It’s what you feel. It’s why you pick Specialized over Trek, or Moots over Seven, or Colnago over Pinarello. It’s why you’re a Campy fan or a DA disciple. And vice versa. It’s why you made the leap to SRAM. 

I’m working to turn on the BikeDesire or BikeCrave site in late June before the Tour de France. I hope it’s a compendium of what I like best about the Web: Ulility, Sharing, Helping, Experiencing, Going deep on a topic about which you’re passionate.

Cyclists desire or crave many things in the pursuit of cycling. Enjoyment. Fitness. Comraderie. Peace. Competition. Status. Belonging (group rides). Not belonging (going against the automobile grain). Exploration. Conquest. Of course, Bikes. There’s something that happens when we throw our leg over the top tube and start turning the pedals on these bikes. We can’t always articulate it. But we have the common bond. We desire/crave it, and it becomes part of our the fabric of our lives, mirroring seasons and establishing milestones. Our families and loved ones understand. They support cycling and the great things it can do–and does.

I’ll initially organize the Web site in 3 main categories:

  1. Need (topics, basics, things that cyclists need)
  2. Want (products, experiences, access to other things that cyclists want)
  3. Have (photos, tips, stories, races, routes, fundraisers that cyclists have)


As I go down this path, I hope you’ll join me. I plan to share the process so you can see and help shape the outcome. Visuals always help, so here are a few of some 20 logo comps (pre-color) that are on the wall for consideration. Thanks for the early feedback on naming through your tweets, and please be safe out there when riding.


bike desire logo with one forward slash grotzec
bikecrave flama semicondense basic
bikedesire radio fm comp
bikecrave flama semicondensed medium

bikecrave radio fm 100 px comp


10 thoughts on “BikeDesire or BikeCrave . . .

  1. WOW! If ever anyone has perfectly articulated this feeling, this is it … you wrote:

    “There’s something that happens when we throw our leg over the top tube and start turning the pedals on these bikes. We can’t always articulate it. But we have the common bond. We desire/crave it, and it becomes part of our the fabric of our lives, mirroring seasons and establishing milestones.”

    It has never been said so well.

    Love the idea behind your new venture. We all crave/desire different things from cycling – I think it would be marvelous to explore the facets, the passions.

    Tough call on the title – both are great. From a human standpoint, I prefer BikeCrave – I’d rather have someone say they crave me than desire me – LOL. Either way, this will be wonderful!

  2. I think this idea is fantastic, Jeff – top notch and I’d be on that blog all the time! I prefer BikeCrave as it has a ring to it and craving is desiring after all. All the logos are great and I don’t have a favorite. The idea is wonderful. 🙂

  3. Hi shebicycles, Thanks so much for the nice words! I hope that the future site will help create similar feelings and enjoyment. Busy tonight researching design options and architecture. Looks like a customization of the “Thesis” WP theme is going to get me/us through the maiden voyage. I will be posting up latest naming/logo design comps in the net day/two. Be safe, and ride on!

  4. Hi Joel, Thanks for the feedback. I think it’s safe to say what the name will be. I can’t wait to share the “brand” with y’all. Tomorrow is more convo with site designers. This is where I wish I had learned to write code, but glad to know there are eager, willing folks at the ready. Be safe, and ride on!

  5. Hi MErider, congrats on that recent century, and much obliged to hear your opinion on crave v. desire. Should be posting something new here by Wednesday. I need to get a mountain cabin with high-speed connection and not come out for a week. Be safe, and pedal on!

  6. I think BikeCrave is more encompassing than BikeDesire.

    Plus, “desire” makes me feel weak somehow. Whereas, “craving” something to eat would make me ride faster. I’m just sayin’.

    Regarding the logos, second to last is more readable, but I might be willing to stick the last on my bike.

    • TourPro, my first reaction was BikeDesire. But over the course of a few weeks now BikeCrave is what I am craving. Thanks for the feedback. I really like your comment on logo comps: “I might be willing to stick the last on my bike” Right on. I hope the brand police wouldn’t mind. Either way, a nice way of providing context!

  7. Jeff, what a great idea and conceptually well thought out. I look forward to your site and being able to learn from and share with others. I am glad you choose ‘crave’ and the little red ‘v’ combined with your font selection is just the perfect ‘heart’ which is so important in our sport.

  8. Hello Gerhard, thank you for those kind words. Design and production on BikeCrave starts this weekend. Please don’t hesitate to offer any suggestions for content or unique features. I am exploring all aspects of the social media/microblogging phenomenon.I think we can create something special here. My email is bikecrave(at) Would love to hear from you. Thanks again!

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