Pedal, climb, descend, repeat . . .

Climb to Kaiser is just four weeks out. Time to emphasize steep climbs and more weekly elevation before starting the taper June 23.

This afternoon was repeats on Highland Valley Road, which includes three main climbing sections as you roll east. The pro peloton gobbled up the first section of climb during this year’s Tour of California before turning left on Bandy Canyon Road.

I kept plowing toward Ramona.

Three times.

Three repeats on Highland Valley easily gets you total elevation gain over 4,000 feet but not at high elevation. It also throws some 15%+ pitch in spots.

Such steepness is necessary to prepare for Big Creek Road, the most critical section of Climb to Kaiser. There’s no substitute, but try we must to prepare.  

 highland valley 3x


5 thoughts on “Pedal, climb, descend, repeat . . .

  1. yeah, that is a fun way to spend your afternoon! 🙂
    what hardware/software do you use to determine the grade percentage? Also, have you done Kaiser before?

  2. Hi Gerhard, I use a Garmin 305. It’s about a year old, and running just dandy. But I hear that this model usually fizzles and people move into the Garmin 705. I’ve finished Climb to Kaiser on three attempts: 1984, 2004, and 2008 (which I captured on the Garmin with exception of last couple miles, due to battery life). Can send you a link to the C2K profile on Garmin if you’d like. Looking forward to this year’s edition. I hope to see you there!

  3. I’d love to see the profile and look forward to the link. Kaiser is on my radar for 2010, I need to get much stronger before I take on the ‘old Kaiser’.

      • Garmin 705 does have % grade. Just go to settings, data fields, bike computer 1 or 2, then add/change existing fields… you can add % grade. I have had a 705 for 1 year now. Works great

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