Sound of silence…

If you came here expecting fresh content, I apologize. This little one-man blog ultimately morphed into a sort-of cycling place, which transitioned to a newer place with a new mission and purpose: BikeCrave.

Of course, I’m the same guy. Just decided to move my passion for cycling to a more relevant URL and better connect it to a cause.

I will keep my hand in writing personal content here and posting short tumblr-like photo shares. But for now, it’s going to remain pretty much as is: 171 posts, not all of them long by any stretch, the lion’s share personal experiences regarding cycling. I invite you to check out the category cloud, as well as the blog roll. Palomar Mountain figures heavily in the overall picture. It’s a great cycling monument in SoCal, and I love to climb, so it’s not difficult to see the connection.

The blog is not all cycling. There’s the Ansel Adams photo, which has won fans the world over. Darn thing has tendency to finish on Page One, top row for Google image searches on said photographer. One heck of an artist. I like his style — and eye. A true original.


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