Buffalos an hour from the beach…

65+ miles. Took it up through Highland Valley Road (ugh) to Highway 67 and then Old Julian Highway. Here’s Google maps. Heavy burn area from October. Most interesting sight: Buffalos napping at the Ramona Wildlife Center. Tandems: 0 (too hilly). Honking horns: 0 (too rural). Red lights run: 0 (everyone was mellow).


At the junction of Old Julian Highway and Highway 78 looking west.


Buffalos (yes, really) in the back country of San Diego.


Winter coat like a sack of rocks

Out the door under blue sky. Back before sunset. The days are getting a tad longer. But winter’s not done yet. Heavy rains (and dusting of snow in the mountains) a few days ago. Foothills once black showing some green. Took Specialized Roubaix out Scripps Poway Parkway, up Highway 67 into Ramona and back through Highland Valley Road. The climbs were slow, the descents cautious. Winter coat feels like a sack of rocks. Took a few BlackBerry pictures in the burn area of October’s Wildfires. Notice charred road sign post. Second shot from a farm (in San Diego!) you pass as you pedal west back toward suburbia.

San Pasqual Valley looking toward northeast. These hills were black a few months ago

New potted seedlings along Highland Valley Road. Palm trees in the distance remain blackened