Serious mileage… RAAM 2008

The journey is the reward. Even the short ones.

Had a chance to ride along in the ceremonial “start” with the Solo men’s competitors of the 2008 Race Across America (RAAM) today.

Three-time winner Slovenian Jure Robic, as luck would have it, needed to relieve himself by the side of the bike path that leads from Oceanside to Old River Road (official start) just north of Vista. I can now forever claim I passed him.

For a moment.

The first image is Jure’s back as he flew by after said bio relief break.

RAAM finishers will complete 3,000 miles in 9-12 days. Lots of money raised for great causes. A neat group of people. Unique and something else to witness before it unfolds.

Two other photos show Jure before the start, and him making the first left hand turn of the ride after crossing on old Bonsall Road Bridge. Taken with BlackBerry cell camera.

By Monday, Jure and other front-runners will be in Bythe on their way to Prescott then Flagstaff. The finish is Annapolis, Maryland. Good luck to all soloists, teams and support crews!