Fixed gear RAAM…

During Sunday’s ceremonial ride out to the Race Across America (RAAM) start, little did I know I was also riding alongside one of the two Grand Fondo Fixies team members.

Kevin Kaiser of Atlanta, GA, was atop a Salsa fixed-gear bike with — get this — a 48-17 setup. And he was going very nicely.

I asked Kevin if he had a second rear wheel with more than 17 teeth for the long climbs that are part of the 3,000+ miles in this year’s RAAM.


I just checked the stats for the race, and the Grand Fondo Fixies have made it through time station #21, more than 1,229 miles covered and some 1,780 or so to go. Impressive.

He and his teammate, Jeff Bauer, call it “riding coast to coast with no coasting (and no stopping, either!).”